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  • Apple’s AI is here, Elon Musk issues a warning, Alibaba’s Qwen2 model

Apple’s AI is here, Elon Musk issues a warning, Alibaba’s Qwen2 model

Mixed feelings about Apple's AI approach.

Hello, Starters!

The star of this edition is Apple! Thanks to their recent WWDC, which unveiled their long-awaited AI integration. Although it's not the huge rollout most expected, it's significant enough to be the talk of the moment.

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • Apple unveils its “Apple Intelligence”

  • Elon Musk is not fond of Apple’s AI

  • Alibaba presents Qwen2

  • OpenAI announces new members

  • Andrej Karpathy’s most recent AI tutorial

  • And more.

The wait is over, and now we can get a hold of Apple's approach to AI, or as they've decided to rename it, "Apple Intelligence." The updates are not far from the reports we've seen circulating over the last few months. However, it is interesting to see how the company has decided to join the AI trend from a functional aspect, instead of trying to come up with the next big innovation like its rivals.

Apple Intelligence aims to optimise functions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac by improving Siri's capabilities and adding generative AI tools that work alongside the personal context of the user to provide customised experiences, with a strong focus on privacy, as most of the data is stored on the device and in the cloud.

It is worth noting that although Apple Intelligence comes with iOS 18 in the fall, it will be limited to Apple's most recent devices and is only available in US English at the moment.

Not everyone is happy with Apple's approach to AI, especially since they've made OpenAI a big part of their efforts by integrating a basic version of ChatGPT into some of their apps. One notable critic is Elon Musk, who has claimed Apple devices will be banned at his companies if OpenAI's technology is integrated into the operating system.

As Musk sees it, OpenAI won't be able to protect user privacy, and he considers Apple's decision to give them access to user data unwise. Despite this, as most users have pointed out, Apple isn't recklessly giving away data, and they have explained the security aspects of this collaboration. So, perhaps we are witnessing a moment of intense rivalry.

Alibaba has been improving its Qwen language model for a while now, and recently they've shared a new version that is taking the lead in most open-source benchmarks. Qwen2 showcases upgraded performance in programming, maths, logic, and multilingual understanding, as it was trained with data in over 27 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian, alongside English and Chinese.

Qwen2 comes in five sizes, from 0.5 billion to 72 billion parameters, making it a great rival to Meta's Llama3-70B, as it surpasses it in several benchmarks.

👋After sudden changes in its structure last month, OpenAI announced the hiring of two new members: Sarah Friar, who will serve as Chief Financial Officer, overseeing their investments in research, and Kevin Weil, who will serve as Chief Product Officer, ensuring that OpenAI's products are beneficial for customers.

📚Andrej Karpathy has shared yet another tutorial, demonstrating his commitment to teaching AI to anyone interested. In this tutorial, he explains how to create a fully functional GPT-2 model from scratch in a comprehensive four-hour video, which follows a step-by-step process and includes a corresponding GitHub repository.

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