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  • DeepMind’s “Mixture-of-Depths”, OpenAI’s custom program, Introducing: Newton

DeepMind’s “Mixture-of-Depths”, OpenAI’s custom program, Introducing: Newton

Imagine a chatbot that exists physically.

Hello, Starters!

Mondays are not everyone's favourite, but from our very unique perspective, it's a great day to catch up with all the things AI did during our break. Let's see what we were missing.

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • Google DeepMind unveils “Mixture-of-Depths”

  • OpenAI expands its custom models program

  • Archetype presents Newton

  • Build your own AI playlists on Spotify

  • Cohere introduces Command R+

  • And more.

A group of researchers at Google DeepMind has presented a method that improves the way transformer models distribute their computing power, focusing on tokens that actually require more computational resources.

"Mixture-of-Depths" allows the model to learn which tokens need the most computation based on their weight, avoiding those that aren't as heavy, saving time, and making the model run more efficiently.

To improve the way developers use their models to craft new applications for specific tasks or domains, OpenAI has expanded its model customization program and enhanced its API for fine-tuning.

Features include metrics, integration with third-party platforms, a comparative playground, and more. OpenAI illustrates by example how companies like Indeed and SK Telecom have made use of its GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models to streamline processes and build original models tailored to their data.

Archetype, an AI startup, is transforming human-AI interaction with Newton, a foundational model that uses real-time data from sensors to provide insights, charts, and even computer code from the physical world.

In other words, Archetype's approach allows us to navigate and interact with our environment through AI, as its CEO, Ivan Poupyrev, explains: "It's like ChatGPT, but for physical reality." With their advanced sensors, they aim to recognize human intention and make certain objects such as cars, houses, or factories react accordingly.

🎵Spotify has launched "AI Playlist," a beta option that enables users to craft playlists through specific prompts. The feature is currently rolling out in the UK and Australia, with plans to grant access to more countries in the upcoming months.

🧑‍💻After the announcement of Command R, Cohere improved its approach to enterprise applications with Command R+, a large language model focused on Retrieval-Augmented Generation with a 128K token context window and the ability to automate complex business processes.

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