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  • ElevenLabs’ Iconic voices, Anthropic’s new benchmark, Meta’s 3D AI model

ElevenLabs’ Iconic voices, Anthropic’s new benchmark, Meta’s 3D AI model

Old Hollywood meets AI.

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  • ElevenLabs presents “Iconic voices”

  • Anthropic’s new evaluation initiative

  • Meta unveils it 3D Gen model

  • Apple gets a spot on OpenAI’s board

  • Microsoft’s VALL-E 2 voice model

  • And more.

ElevenLabs continues to pioneer in the speech generation field, and they've announced yet another feature that will blow away any "old Hollywood" fans. Now, users of their Reader App can choose which famous star will narrate their news, as they've added Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds, and Sir Laurence Olivier to their library of voices.

This feature has been developed responsibly, as ElevenLabs points out. The voices have been made available thanks to partnerships with the estates of the late actors, and they've ensured the necessary guardrails to prevent copies or any illegal use of the technology.

Anthropic is always on the verge of innovation, and as many familiar with the matter know, to drive more advancements in the AI field, there's a need for better evaluations that fully measure the capabilities of the systems being put to test. This circumstance has led the company to launch a program to fund third-party organisations that plan to develop new benchmarks.

According to Anthropic, they're focusing on three key areas of evaluation: AI safety level assessments, advanced capability and safety metrics, and infrastructure, tools, and methods for developing evaluations. They believe the initiative will improve the current AI ecosystem, increasing safety and reliability.

Meta has recently released 3D Gen, an AI system that combines its AssetGen and TextureGen models (for object and texture creation respectively) to generate high-quality 3D objects through text prompts. What stands out most about 3D Gen is its capability to generate and optimise 3D content in less than a minute, outperforming similar systems.

This is not a random move from Meta, as 3D Gen can become a great asset for customised 3D materials, which could potentially be used to build virtual landscapes for the metaverse.

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🍎Apple's and OpenAI's partnership is getting stronger, as reports reveal that Phil Schiller, former marketing chief at Apple and head of the App Store, will be joining OpenAI's board as an observer, granting Apple a strategic outlook on the company's moves and upcoming plans.

🗣️Microsoft researchers have developed VALL-E 2, a new iteration of their last year's speech model. However, it won't see the public light anytime soon, as its capabilities are so humanlike, generating speech in seconds from text input, that for now, it only exists as a research project.

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