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  • EvolutionaryScale’s ESM3, AI for Parkinson’s research, OpenAI acquires Multi

EvolutionaryScale’s ESM3, AI for Parkinson’s research, OpenAI acquires Multi

AI may be the cure.

Hello, Starters!

It's always interesting to see how AI is changing the way scientists approach diseases. From our point of view, this is one of the most inspirational applications of this groundbreaking technology!

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • EvolutionaryScale introduces ESM3

  • AI improves Parkinson’s research

  • OpenAI bags another acquisition!

  • Apple’s deal with Meta failed

  • Record labels fill lawsuit against AI startups

  • And more.

EvolutionaryScale has emerged from a significant funding round to revolutionise biotech. The startup, led by former Meta AI researchers, is harnessing Nvidia's H100 Tensor Core GPUs to boost "ESM3," an AI model trained on 2.78 billion natural proteins, which could aid in the creation of new proteins.

ESM3 works like most AI chatbots, but in this case, it is capable of designing new molecules through prompts. This approach could change how researchers target diseases and many environmental challenges.

A research effort by scientists at University College London and University Medical Center Goettingen is using AI to open new possibilities in Parkinson's diagnosis. They've collected blood samples from groups of people with and without the illness to develop a blood test capable of predicting the disease even before symptoms appear.

Parkinson's currently has no cure apart from therapies to alleviate symptoms, but AI has proved to be a breakthrough in the fight against this illness, just as with cancer, as it can lead to groundbreaking methods for better diagnoses and treatments.

OpenAI has added another acquisition to its list, this one being the New York-based startup Multi, which focuses on tools for collaboration and screen sharing. This has led users to believe that the company is planning to further improve ChatGPT's capabilities, allowing the model to take over a computer and autonomously perform tasks, but this is mostly speculation.

In reality, there are no details about the deal, and we're yet to see how OpenAI will integrate Multi's capabilities into its products. However, it is likely that this acquisition, along with Rockset’s, will improve OpenAI's Team and Enterprise tiers.

🤔Many of us were caught up by reports of Apple being in touch with Meta to integrate their AI models into its devices. However, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has laid the rumours to rest, claiming that although both companies did hold talks, they never reached a partnership due to privacy concerns from Apple's side.

😥AI startups Udio and Suno, which recently released Gen-AI music models, are now under fire, as the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA), along with major music companies, have filed a lawsuit against them for copyright infringement, stating that both startups illegally trained their models with material copied from the labels.

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