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  • Google unveils SIMA, Europe’s AI law, OpenAI's latest media deal 

Google unveils SIMA, Europe’s AI law, OpenAI's latest media deal 

Rules will soon apply to AI.

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Hello, Starters!

Most countries are looking forward to regulating AI, as groundbreaking technology like this surely needs a few rules to follow. Europe is the first to take a stance; let's see which will come next.

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • SIMA: Google’s new AI agent for gaming

  • Europe’s AI Act has passed

  • OpenAI reaches another media deal

  • Anthropic unveils Claude 3 Haiku

  • Figure 01’s impressive skills

  • And more.

Agents are a big part of AI's future developments, and a current project by Google DeepMind showcases an innovative approach to their deployment, one that avid gamers will enjoy. Introducing SIMA, or Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent, a research project that presents an AI agent capable of interacting with multiple 3D environments and responding to natural language commands.

SIMA doesn't work as a multi-talented player focused on winning, unlike most game-playing AIs. What sets DeepMind's approach apart is its ability to follow instructions, making it a better fit as a trustworthy gaming partner. Looking ahead, AI agents that perform well in different situations could be created using this method.

🧑‍⚖️ Europe’s AI Act has passed (3 min)

After ongoing discussions, the European Union Parliament has approved the world's first set of regulations for AI, pioneering in a field where most countries expect to make progress soon. The EU AI Act categorises AI based on risk levels, setting measures to ensure human control over the technology.

We are witnessing a breakthrough, as it has been stated several times that something as transcendent as AI must be overseen by law. Nevertheless, there are still certain hurdles to overcome in its implementation.

Despite recent situations with outlets such as The New York Times, OpenAI continues to reach deals with the media in the quest for reliable data to train its models. This time, the company has announced a partnership with Le Monde and Prisa Media, providing ChatGPT with news content from France and Spain.

It is difficult to combine AI and journalism, as copyright infringement and fair compensation are among the main issues for AI firms like OpenAI to address. That's why the company seeks collaborations that ensure journalistic integrity and users' access to valuable information.

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💡Anthropic has completed its family of models with the release of Claude 3 "Haiku," which stands out as the fastest and most cost-effective model in its class. Haiku is expected to empower enterprises with its outstanding performance at handling high-volume business scenarios, while keeping costs down.

🤖Figure recently shared a video showcasing how its humanoid robot "Figure 01" is able to have full conversations, describe its environment, reflect and explain its reasoning as well as perform learned behaviours, thanks to OpenAI's multimodal model which powers the bot.

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