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  • Microsoft’s new unit, AI to craft antibodies, Nvidia & Shutterstock team up

Microsoft’s new unit, AI to craft antibodies, Nvidia & Shutterstock team up

From Inflection to Microsoft.

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Hello, Starters!

When talking about strategies, one company that comes to mind is Microsoft, whose route through the AI scene includes calculated moves that have made them a prominent figure at the moment.

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • Mustafa Suleyman joins Microsoft’s new AI unit

  • Scientists design antibodies from scratch with AI

  • Shutterstock & Nvidia's text-to-3D service

  • GPT-5 is closer than we thought

  • Johnson & Johnson develops AI applications with Nvidia

  • And more.

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In another bold move that highlights its position as a main player in the AI arena, Microsoft has announced the hiring of Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and chief executive of Inflection, to lead the company's new unit for consumer-facing products called Microsoft AI.

Suleyman is moving to Microsoft with most of the Inflection AI staff, as the startup has also announced they're shifting their focus from their chatbot Pi to enterprise AI software.

Microsoft has stated that this is not an acquisition and that Inflection remains an independent venture. However, many agree that this move is similar to the one they've already made with OpenAI, which brings the most brilliant minds in AI under Microsoft's roof.

A recent proof-of-concept study has showcased great results in creating entirely novel antibodies from scratch, demonstrating AI's potential to transform traditional brute-force methods of antibody development, potentially offering solutions to numerous diseases.

Researchers utilised a tool called RFdiffusion, which was subsequently modified through a neural network similar to the ones used for Midjourney and DALL-E. By fine-tuning the networks with data from thousands of antibodies, they could generate new ones that target various bacterial and viral proteins.

Nvidia and Shutterstock are teaming up to launch a text-to-3D service, powered by Nvidia's Edify multimodal architecture. This upcoming service aims to assist designers in creating prototypes by granting them control over features such as 3D asset generation and 2D image generation. 

This offering is part of an early access program announced at this year's GTC. However, you can apply for access on their website.

⏳According to reports, GPT-5 is currently being trained and demoed as OpenAI prepares for its release this summer. If this turns out to be the case, we will soon witness what CEO Sam Altman has already called an "amazing model," materially better than GPT-4.

😷Nvidia and Johnson & Johnson are joining forces to bring AI to the surgery room. They aim to develop applications that help surgeons with the preoperative and postoperative processes, as well as analyse surgical videos, streamlining some aspects of their work.

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