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  • Mistral’s new model, Meta’s MTIA, Udio: An AI music generator

Mistral’s new model, Meta’s MTIA, Udio: An AI music generator

AI's impact is inescapable.

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There's not a single big tech company that isn't looking forward to defying Nvidia's AI reign. In the last few days, it's noticeable that beyond developing tools or models, we're entering the era of AI chips.

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • Mistral surprises us with the latest 8x22B

  • Meta announces a new custom AI chip

  • Introducing: The sound of Udio

  • Apple’s Safari will get a touch of AI too

  • Google teams up with Bayer

  • And more.

Releasing new models through a torrent link on X is Mistral's classic move, and that's how they've introduced their most recent one: the Mixtral 8x22B. There's no information about its overall performance, with users only noticing that it's a significant release, with files totaling 262GB.

We've been living through fast-paced days involving model announcements from OpenAI, Google, Meta, and now Mistral making moves. It's expected that this latest model will be cost-effective and significantly optimised due to the sparse Mixture of Experts approach, which combines different models, each specialising in different tasks.

Meta is not resting in the AI race, and they're taking matters into their own hands with the unveiling of its next-generation Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (MTIA), a new AI chip that's currently powering 16 data centres and already providing better results than its predecessor.

The MTIA is built on a 5nm process, is larger in design, and has more processing cores. The chip runs models that help Meta rank and recommend ads across its platforms.

Udio is the newest AI music generator, poised to transform the way we think about AI music. Developed by former Google DeepMind researchers and engineers, it can create music in several styles and genres through text prompts.

Users can produce up to 1,200 songs monthly with the beta version, which is currently free. Nonetheless, the company is aware that there's still room for Udio's capabilities to improve, so it's likely to become a great tool for creatives in the near future.

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🔎A backend code has leaked what seems to be one of Apple's upcoming AI features for iOS 18: a browsing assistant for Safari. Although there are no additional details at the moment, many sources suggest that Apple will unveil this alongside many other features at this year's WWDC.

🩻Joining efforts to boost advancements in the healthcare field, Google Cloud and Bayer are developing an AI platform to streamline the workflow of radiologists. This AI will generate suggestions regarding issues within images for them to analyse, as well as summarise the patient's medical history.

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