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  • OpenAI’s latest acquisition, Apple's new partner, Grokking for improved reasoning

OpenAI’s latest acquisition, Apple's new partner, Grokking for improved reasoning

Collaborative efforts are trending.

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Let's start the week with some insights that show us that sometimes the best way to foster development is when brilliant minds (or companies) join forces. Everyone is teaming up to improve AI!

Here’s what you’ll find today:

  • OpenAI unveils a new acquisition

  • Is Apple teaming up with Meta?

  • Improving reasoning through grokking

  • China’s ByteDance wants to develop its AI chips

  • Artists can now have AI voice clones

  • And more.

OpenAI continues to solidify its position as a key player in the AI industry. They've announced the acquisition of Rockset, a company well-known for its cloud-based real-time analytics database. This move aims to be of great use to customers, developers, and enterprises interested in building data-intensive applications while harnessing OpenAI's products.

By integrating Rockset's technologies into its offerings, OpenAI seeks to boost its retrieval infrastructure, enhancing its indexing and querying capabilities, which will later serve as a base for innovative AI applications.

We're still unable to fully grasp Apple's approach to AI. Although we already know it's practical, there's also an important aspect to it: collaboration. Reports have revealed that the company is in talks with Meta to reach a deal similar to the one they've already announced with OpenAI.

If the deal goes through, it means that Apple doesn't plan to get stuck with only one partner in its AI endeavours. It also shows how they've decided to use these alliances as a way to promote other technologies, as it has been stated that Apple is not paying for the partnerships.

A study from Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon University is putting the capabilities of Transformer models to the test. The researchers want to know if these models are capable of reasoning without being explicitly taught, and they've found out that there's a possibility through a process called "grokking."

Grokking happens when a model is trained far beyond overfitting. In this case, the study reveals that Transformer models can improve their reasoning in composition and comparison tasks; however, it takes extensive training if they want to apply this approach to new data.

🤝As companies launch more AI innovations, they're also looking for ways to power them with high-end AI chips. This demand has prompted some to make their own, like China's ByteDance, which recently announced a partnership with Broadcom to develop an advanced AI processor.

🎵AI technologies have had a rough start in the music business, but as they become more prominent, some initiatives encourage their responsible use. Universal Music Group and SoundLabs are joining forces to offer artists an AI voice model, giving them full control over the voice clones and potentially improving the production process.

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